Doctor’s Best Extra Strength Gingko, Ginko Biloba 120 Capsules

  • Doctor’s Best Extra Strength Ginkgo helps support circulation in the brain.*
  • Helps support mental function and memory.*
  • Doctor’s Best Extra Strength Ginkgo is a “ProfileProven® Quality Assurance System Product” of Ethical Naturals, Inc., that ensures extensive testing and screening at every stage of manufacturing to assure purity and potency
  • Non-GMO / Gluten Free / Soy Free / Vegetarian / Vegan


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What is Doctor’s Best Extra Strength Ginkgo Extract?

Extra Strength Ginkgo Extract provides the potent combination of flavonoids (mainly flavone glycosides) and terpene lactones isolated from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba. The ginkgo tree is a plant model of longevity as it can thrive for up to 1,000 years while withstanding environmental elements. It has been cultivated in China as a sacred tree for thousands of years, with its traditional health uses dating to as early as 2800 B.C.

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