Swanson Premium Kudzu Root 500 mg 60 Capsules.

  • A traditional favorite of Chinese herbalists
  • Works to promote cardiovascular and liver health
  • Each capsule supplies 500 mg of kudzu root powder

Enhance your daily wellness regimen with the time-honored herbal support of Kudzu Root! Kudzu root was one of the earliest documented herbs used in Traditional Chinese Practices, with recorded use dating back nearly 2,000 years to the ancient herbal text of Shen Nong. Modern research has revealed that Kudzu Root has powerful antioxidant properties, even more potent than vitamin E. These properties make it an excellent herb for cardiovascular maintenance, liver health and overall vitality. Now you can enjoy the many health benefits of this ancient Chinese herbal tonic with our 500 mg Kudzu Root capsules.



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Swanson Premium Kudzu Root – Unleash Nature’s Calm!

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Discover the serenity of Swanson Premium Kudzu Root. This natural herbal supplement harnesses the power of Kudzu Root to promote relaxation and tranquility. Embrace nature’s calm and find your inner peace with Swanson Premium Kudzu Root!

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 As a dietary supplement, take two capsules two to three times per day with water.