Universal Nutrition, Classic Series, Tribulus Pro, 110 Capsules

Tribulus Pro™ is a natural herbal supplement containing biologically active compounds including saponins, flavonoids, alkaloids, and sterols. Tribulus Pro™ combines both the powdered whole fruit with a standardized 40% extract for the best of both worlds. The unique formula found in Tribulus Pro™ can best deliver the physiological benefits that the herb has to offer.†





New Product Title: Universal Nutrition Tribulus Pro – Boost Your Performance!

Product Description:

Unlock your true potential with Universal Nutrition Tribulus Pro! This powerful supplement is specially designed to support your athletic performance and overall well-being. Packed with natural ingredients, Tribulus Pro will help you achieve peak performance like never before.

Tribulus Pro contains high-quality Tribulus Terrestris extract, known for its potential to enhance stamina, strength, and endurance. Whether you’re an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or simply want to elevate your energy levels, Tribulus Pro is the perfect choice.

Experience the difference with Universal Nutrition Tribulus Pro and take your performance to new heights!

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As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule with morning and evening meals